Paul Ralston Celebrates NHS 70th with Us

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In honour of the NHS in its 70th year we are celebrating our wonderful staff.

Paul Ralston, Head of Procurement, tells us what he enjoys most about his role “The NHS is a people focussed institution and I enjoy the interactions and opportunity to support really dedicated and passionate people throughout my Trust”

Paul’s role is to lead a 20 strong team in Rotherham and manage the collaboration of over 110 procurement staff across 8 Trusts in South Yorkshire with non-pay spend in excess of £800million, a far cry from his start as an apprentice alarm engineer for a local Hull security firm. He describes the NHS in one word “Challenging”.

So why choose to work within the NHS, which he has done since 2011, Paul said: “Like a lot of people the Procurement profession chose me not the other way around and after working in both the private and public sector, an opportunity to join the NHS arose out of the blue, so I decided to jump in knowing very little about the NHS or how fragmented and complex it was.”

We asked Paul what his favourite memory of his NHS career was “Unfortunately it is not procurement related but for a while I supported my previous Trust in reducing waiting times for children to access mental health services. The Trust was able to reduce the times from over 52 weeks to under 18 which was a significant achievement and meant such a lot to those young people who really needed help.”

Paul gently laughs when we asked what advice he would give to someone who was thinking of working for the NHS, “definitely do it, it can be hard work but no matter what your role remember that all of us are here to improve the lives of patients, who could be your family or friends.”

Thank you Paul! #NHS70