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Newsletter #15

Jul 2020


In this newsletter:

  1. PD just got a lot quicker
  2. Collaboration is key to delivering benefits
  3. Tracking PPE in the new world
  4. New Features in PD
  5. Catalogue Cleaning Service
  6. A strong foundation for towers
  7. Hints and Tips

PD just got (much) quicker

We’re excited to share with you the launch of a new version of PD, which sees the greatest leap in speed to insight so far. Thanks to our dedicated team of data folk, we’ve increased the speed x4 in v3.03 – live now!

The new data model provides improved linkages between key fields and more effective cleansing of data behind the scenes, whilst also improving the tool’s accuracy and stability. It means we’ve cleared nearly all of your snags with our support desk. Best of all, it means less time to insight for you, so you’re not staring at a revolving circle on the screen.

If you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see in PD, we always welcome feedback. Email us at

Great things are done by a team

We recently published an article on the HCSA website, showcasing how we work in a collaborative way to drive greater efficiency with our customers and partners.

The article explores some key partnerships that have delivered exceptional value, from SmartTogether and their Catalogue Cleaning Service, through to working directly with Tower providers to deliver insight and analytics that have driven significant benefit – more on both below.

We are working with a growing number of expert organisations to drive improved outcomes.  Why not get in touch with us and discuss ways we can collaborate to drive a better outcome for your team? Read the full article.

PPE in the new world 

During the past few months, Stockwatch has provided an invaluable service to over 200 public service organisations, including 70 NHS trusts. With a speedy onboarding process, easy to use data capture and near real time analytics, we’ve made tracking PPE across groups and regions possible.

By working closely with our customers we developed a tool that solved a new challenge for everyone in the tracking and forecasting of PPE.

Thanks to our partners at Qlik, we’ve been able to provide the service at no cost to our customers since the middle of March. We’ve provided a 7-day a week support desk and trained over 400 people in the use of the tool, and our data has fed many daily Gold Commands and enabled Mutual Aid across regions.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, as Neil Hind commented in Greater Manchester:

“AdviseInc’s PPE Tracker has been a key enabler in understanding & tracking PPE across all of our public services in Greater Manchester.  In a matter of days, we’ve gone from spreadsheets and inconsistent data to a clean, single source of the truth that is updated in near real-time.  The numbers are now a core part of our daily meetings and StockWatch enables the system to clearly understand daily stock levels of PPE across the region.”

As lockdown begins to ease, we know the NHS is planning for a potential second wave and a challenging Winter ahead. Organisations don’t want to be in the same place again, not knowing where PPE is stored, how much they have or how long it will last. StockWatch does all this and more. Sue Colbeck at Liverpool Univesity Hospitals NHS FT commented:

“AdviseInc were quick to onboard our trust (over the space of a weekend) and the team have provided fantastic support with every step of the journey since … we now have visibility of all critical PPE across three sites and stock issues out to 100+ wards.” 

Be prepared. Sign up to StockWatch by emailing

New Features in PD

  • MIA’s National Life Science Industry (LSI) Credentialing Register now feeds into PD and from next week it will be fully up to date. It no longer matters if you use Intellicentrics or MIA, both feed PD. So, now you can track rep movements onsite, alongside your spend, contract and benchmarking data. Access it through the ‘Contract’ tab. Your one-stop analytics shop!
  • A minor tweak to the summary page is the inclusion of the ‘Show Org Cyclic’ button. A common request from users was the addition of a second dimension to twist the data by organisational and category fields alongside the existing headings.  Particularly useful when working across ICS / STP and Buying Groups.

Catalogue Cleaning Service

SmartTogether selected AdviseInc to be their analytics partner last autumn and we hit the ground running with benefit delivery.

Driven from our Master Product Data, we are creating new solutions to old pain points, like our Catalogue Cleansing Service. Invoice queries cause wasted effort in the P2P process and a common cause is pricing discrepancies. Fix the data at source and many of these go away, meaning the team focuses on value adding activity.

We enable you to easily review and amend your catalogue lines, identify pricing issues, add missing pieces of information (like GTINs) and normalise key attributes to ensure everyone is working off of the same data.  Integrated Care Systems can now talk the same language when collaborating and work off single price lists.

David Lawson commented:

“To deliver our CIP programme we need the very best analytics partner. AdviseInc offers a unique combination of intuitive tools to analyse data and flag opportunities, combined with deep market knowledge and insight. In the first few months of our service, they’d identified savings of many multiples of their fee. They’re also on hand whenever we need to provide additional close support on areas such as data quality, benchmarking managed service contracts, and saving validation.“  

Providing a Strong Foundation for Towers

A number of Towers have turned to AdviseInc for advanced analytics. At the core of decision making is good quality data. When you don’t believe the data you lose confidence and trust in the data provider and in this case it leads to wasted time spend discussing data and reduced benefit realisation for your organisation.

Our insight supports both procurement and clinical conversations, providing detailed analysis of key areas like brand usage and level of technology used. Our tools enable Towers to test different pricing scenarios to ensure delivery of the best available pricing-product mix for customers.

Insight is delivered through our analytics in seconds, enabling account managers to have more productive conversations with hospitals and not waste effort challenging the validity of the data.

Bringing experts from national, regional and local procurement and clinical teams together, partnered with comprehensive insight from AdviseInc, we were able to drive benefits far greater than any party alone.

And it’s ok if you’re not a current customer. You can enable Towers to identify all of the benefits at no cost!  All you need to do is share your order data (SCS or PB file format) and we do the rest.  At a large teaching hospital, our analytics enabled one tower to deliver over £400k of benefit.

But, we’re hearing rumours you’re being told not to share data with us. To be clear.  There are no grounds for doing this.

Emily Lawson, Chief Commercial Officer NHSE/I confirmed in writing to us:

“Should a trust wish to contract with AdviseInc or another service provider, notwithstanding or in addition to the new Spend Comparison Service, they must do so independently … they may of course share data with AdviseInc or other providers should they choose to do so”.

If anyone tells you otherwise, ask them to confirm it in writing to you and do please forward to us.

Hints and Tips

  • Check out the new PD landing page which shows the status of your data – if we’re missing data you’ll see an orange or red dot. Top marks if it’s green!
  • Use the health check page to view your usage statistics, and see how often your team logs in. We saw a brief dip in the early stages of the lockdown, but usage is now above pre-Covid levels for many organisations.
  • Head to the Raw Data tab > Missing Data page to view which cost centre codes, subjective codes and supplier IDs from your POs and Invoices are not linking.  Contact our support team if you need more help.

Need more tips? Head to our FAQ to find more solutions and tips for all of the apps.

We’re always here to help, so if you have any questions do get in touch.


AdviseInc helps the healthcare system #makesense of non-pay spend and market analytics. We work with Buyer and Supplier to drive greater efficiency for the healthcare system and taxpayers.

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Source: AdviseInc

Date: 28th July 2020