Bridging The Gap Between Procurement and Clinicians

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In an interview with NHS Supply Chain, Emma Nuttal, the organisation’s clinical nurse advisor (CNA), speaks about the role she has in helping trusts meet Lord Carter’s efficiency challenge and why it needs to be done.

It’s at this time of the year when most of us take a look at our budgets and think about ways we can save money. Procurement in a trust is no different, and a CNA’s role is to get clinicians to think about their procurement budget and to help them find ways to save – all year round.

Of course, this is a very simplified way of looking at the role of a CNA, but the end result is the same: to help trusts save money through the procurement process, whilst maintaining safety and quality.

Back in 2015 Lord Carter identified the need to move towards standardisation, rationalisation and fair pricing purchase through a standard route. His reference to potential savings of £2bn from procurement underpins the work Emma Nuttall is undertaking. “The process of looking at savings is complex, and the ethos of change is uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. But this needs to occur if the NHS is to be sustainable moving forwards, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to take this forward into the future,” said Nuttall,CNA for NHS Supply Chain.

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Source: NHS Supply Chain

Date: 6/02/2018