Cambridge tests jab with potential to end all Covid pandemics

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Professor Jonathan Heeney said the vaccine could also protect against other coronaviruses

Cambridge University has joined the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine with human trials of a jab that would be delivered through the skin via a jet of air due to start in the autumn.

“Making a coronavirus vaccine that will protect us not only from this pandemic but the next one — that’s our goal,” Jonathan Heeney, head of the laboratory of viral zoonotics at the university, said.

The vaccine is being developed by DIOSynVax, a company founded by Professor Heeney, together with the University of Cambridge and the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. It will receive £1.9 million in government funding for the first human trial.

Most Covid vaccines in advanced clinical trials work by exposing people to the entire “spike protein”,


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Source: The Times
Author: Rhys Blakely, Science Correspondent