HCSA member recalls his early days

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Andrew Rudd

Andrew Rudd

Andrew Rudd, a long-standing HCSA member recalls his early days, and in particular ‘Travel Awards’.

In 1973 one of the forerunners of the HCSA, the Association of National Health Service Supplies Officers (ANHSSO) came into force; in 1990 the title changed to the National Association of Health Care Supplies Managers (NAHCSM); and in 1998 the title was again changed to the Health Care Supply Association we know today.

Andrew writes fondly of the ANHSSO, an early predecessor of the HCSA, that used to make Travel awards to (generally youngish) members who put forward a case that a particular visit would provide benefit to the wider UK Health Procurement community. These awards were presented at the annual conference.

He writes that he visited an Amsterdam hospital to see their then-innovative Materials Management function. This included writing a piece for the conference yearbook to pass on the knowledge gained to his colleagues and peers.

Andrew summed up his thoughts that ‘the visit and support of ANHSSSO (HCSA) 30 years ago kick-started his career down a path that led to him becoming both a National Director (with Materials Management responsibility) and Chief Operational Officer of NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (NHS PASA).

He wonders if there are any other ‘Travel award’ stories out there? If you have any walks down memory lane, please send them to sixty@nhsprocurement.org.uk and we’ll share them here. Andrew is currently Director at Andrew Rudd Consulting Ltd.

Thanks, Andrew!