Chief Officer talks about NHS 70th

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What is your job title? :

Director of Procurement & Commercial Services SOEPS and HCSA Chief Officer

What department do you work in? :

Procurement Team & HCSA Executive

Talk me through your everyday job role? :

My role is to ensure my team deliver the very best services to every patient and member of staff, ensuring they receive the right products or services providing safe and efficient contracts that offer great value for money whilst putting the Procurement team in the upper quartile for performance nationally whilst representing the Procurement profession through HCSA

When and where did you start working in the NHS? :

1985 at Knowle Hospital as a Butcher! Chief Officer HCSA from April 2017

Why did you choose to work in the NHS? :

Initially it was just a job, but now it’s a career and the feeling you get from doing a great job and even though we don’t have direct patient contact we have a part to play in every patients journey in Portsmouth and beyond very rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about your role? :

The diversity and sheer number of things Procurement get involved in it just opens your mind to the great work the NHS does every minute of the day for nearly 70 years

How would you describe the NHS in one word? :


What’s your favourite memory from working in the NHS? :

Developing a great team, making many life long friends that now does what it does every day in tune with the clinical services along with becoming the chief officer of HCSA

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about working in the NHS? :

I would say if you want a rewarding, challenging role that means you become part of a great team and you are ready to work hard and do a great days work the NHS will continue to provide you with a real warm feeling from the benefit it brings to many who arrive at our doors for help, reassurance and great care.

Alan Hoskins MCIPS

Chief Officer HCSA