Crown Commercial Service update: April 2018

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1. GDPR toolkit

We are currently in the process of finalising our GDPR toolkit for CCS customers which will aid buyers in making the necessary changes to CCS call-offs (and other contracts) to comply with GDPR. The toolkit will be available to download on the CCS website by the end of the w/c 8 April 2018.

For further information regarding GDPR, please get in touch using the contact information below.


2. Help us to find a new name for our Mystery Shopper Service!

CCS provides an important service which offers a route to suppliers to anonymously raise concerns about potential poor practice in public sector procurement.

Currently this is known as the Mystery Shopper service. Feedback has told us that the this name does not describe what we do well and users have experienced difficulty in finding us online.

To help us find a new name, we have put together a short survey to find out what suppliers and buyers like you think about the service. We want to create a new name which:

  • describes the service better,
  • supports users when searching for it,
  • increases awareness of this important service to encourage suppliers to use it

The survey can be accessed here and will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

All concerns submitted via the service are investigated by CCS and recommendations are made to the public sector buyer on how to remedy the specific problem. This could mean adjusting a live procurement; recommending a change on a future procurement; or helping ensure suppliers get paid for work they have undertaken.

The service is extremely important as it contributes to shaping public procurement policy allows us identify barriers that prevent SMEs from doing more business with the public sector.

As such, we would be grateful if you could provide your invaluable feedback and appreciate your time.

If you would like to find out more about the Mystery Shopper service click here.


3. Have you had a look at our new website yet?

We are working hard to develop a new website that will be easier for you to use and find the information that is important to you. Phase 1 of the new site features:

  • up to date look and feel based on research among public sector buyers and compatible with GOV.UK design patterns for ease of use and accessibility
  • support articles to help new or less experienced buyers navigate the variety of CCS platforms and routes to market. These also showcase the breadth of CCS’s capability to seasoned buyers without hindering their familiar buying journeys
  • dedicated pages for suppliers with help and useful support and useful content
  • a new look procurement pipeline that brings all stages of the process into a single, intuitive, interactive format
  • news hub featuring the latest news, blogs and case studies from CCS

If you haven’t yet had a look please visit and let us know what you think. Your response to this first phase release will help us shape how we develop the site in the future….


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