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James Fisher
Acute Account Manager
Based in North West England/ North Wales

What is the first thing you do when you get started with work for the day?
I generally respond and send emails before I set off for work; I then check my diary and head off to my first call.

What are your main areas of focus in your work as an acute account manager?
I am responsible for the maintenance and growth of all woundcare brands across the hospital accounts that I work in. My key brands are AveIle n”, AQUACEL® Foam and FoamLiteTM. I achieve this by building key relationships with a range of customers such as ward nurses, specialist nurses, podiatrists, surgeons, Operating Department Practitioners.

How do you organize/structure your work day with tasks/projects?
it depends on my key focus areas at the time. If there is a live ongoing evaluation, then this requires a large amount of time, so I will focus most of my days on this. If there is not a live evaluation I tend to focus my time with accounts that have the highest potential of growth for my key brands.

As an Acute Account Manager, do you collaborate with a team or mainly work autonomously? Which do you prefer?
Both. I am responsible for driving the sales on the ground, and I work with our Medical Affairs Specialist to ensure customers are supported clinically. I also work with our Healthcare Development Manager (NOM) who meets with Tissue Viability Nurses and procurement to drive through formulary wins. I work within a regional team that includes a regional manager, HDMs, Acute Account Managers, Community Account Managers and a Medical Affairs Specialist.

Which part of your work do you enjoy the most, and why?
I like the variety of each day and meeting and working with a range of different personalities. I also enjoy selling products that make a difference in patients’ lives and hearing about this in the meetings have with healthcare professionals. I am also based within a great team who are pleasure to work with. We are based across the North West of England and North Wales and meet on a regular basis in smaller groups via matrix meetings to discuss the opportunities and risks, and also as a whole team to share best practice.

If you had more hours in the day to focus on new skills related to your job or projects for your work, what would you focus on?
I would like to focus more on developing leadership and coaching skills as I eventually want to move into a sales manager role. I have recently begun to develop these skills by attending a coaching course held by ConvaTec and I also work as mentor for an account manager who has recently joined the team.

What is your special non-professional skill/ magic power/ hobby you’re proud of/ what is not on you CV but you find it interesting?
I am an avid rugby player and play for my local rugby union team as their Full Back.


2018 ConvaTec Inc.

Date: 04 September 2018