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Article from our 50th Anniversary


Some memories from Ian Pick

Ian Pick (pictured right)

Ian Pick, writing recently, remembers..

I ran the catering section for over three years as an old Admin & Clerical scale 9 with four other ladies from 1983 and was probably my happiest time – back then we had around 16 catering managers across four district health authorities, so quite a few hospitals of all types back then.

I well remember doing the returns for Non Profit making Organisation Butter and Levy Free Beef allocation, twice a year, which catering managers couldn’t wait to receive- it was usually from Botswana.

Christmas trees and ordering special Christmas fayre -I remember doing the brandy allocation return to HM Customs once a year and the following brandy contract.

The best job ( or not) was the four monthly canned good contract where I scheduled out all the offers, with gross , nett weight, country of origin etc on A3 lined punched paper kept in a special Kalamazoo type folder, organised the subsequent tasting and awards following sampling meetings with catering managers- senior Supplies staff were obsessed with the nett drained weight of each fruit sample which I had to calculate!


A Look Back at the Early Days


Something out of the 1940’s but Harpebury was slow to modernise. It was a long stay mental health institution which are all but gone now.The wicker baskets were used to transport provisions around the site to the various wards.That was how they did it back in the day:

    • Wicker baskets
    • Welly boots of every size kept in stock
    • Men in brown overalls
    • Bulk Tetley tea and Corn Flakes stacked ten feet high