How to feel good more often…even in stressful times.

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How to feel good more often…even in stressful times.


Taking time out during a busy or pressured schedule can seem counterintuitive, and yet research shows that even 15-minute breaks away from it all have a significant benefit on decision making, communication, and most importantly wellbeing.

During this 45 minute webinar, Jules Wyman (confidence coach and speaker) will share practical tools and information to help you feel good more often…even in stressful times.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series of webinars bought to you by Fortrus and distributed by HCSA. Both webinars are stand-alone sessions.


By the end of Part 1, delegates will:

  • know the power of focus – where to put it to get the very best from yourself and the situation
  • be able to positively influence themselves and others
  • gain simple tools to relax the body, build immunity, reduce stress
  • have practical advice on effective wellbeing practises for pressured times.

During the session, Jules will be answering any questions (confidentially) so make sure that you register and attend the session live.


Places are limited to 100.

A full recording will be distributed via Fortrus and HCSA a few days after the live event,

Please make sure that you have downloaded the zoom app or software to your device before the session starts.

Registration details will be accessed only by Jules Wyman, Fortrus, and HCSA.


Jun 3, 2020, 03:00 PM in London


Part 1



Jules Wyman is a coach and speaker who loves to shatter the illusions around confidence and help people face the challenges of life.

Her talks and coaching have been described as insightful, empowering, refreshingly raw, authentic and grounded. Jules is known for speaking with genuine self-belief and honesty.

“All humans face the rich tapestry and curve balls of life. Walking alongside them during these times is a privilege.”

It was a significant curve ball in Jules’ life that introduced her to coaching and in 2005 ignited her business, Positive Belief.

Fifteen years later she is even more passionate about humans and their true potential. During these uncertain times, Jules loves the opportunity to clarify how to access authentic confidence, face fear, experience peace and face life with ease.

She enjoys working with a variety of clients from students to CEO’s, in the private, public and voluntary sectors.