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Get involved with the Best Possible Value action area

The Best Possible Value (BPV) Decision Framework supports NHS organisations in designing a clear, structured decision-making process that demonstrates good governance and models options based on the value offered to service users and taxpayers. The ‘value equation’ is used throughout to measure the impact of strategic and operational decisions within organisations and local health economies on clinical outcomes, patient experience and safety.

This special newsletter lets you know about the different ways that you can get involved with the Best Possible Value action area.

View the updated framework

The BPV Decision Framework has been updated and now includes example templates and instructions for applying the ‘what, who, how and when’ of up-front decision planning, and for making a case for change and modelling the value of available decision options.
The framework can be used for intra- and inter-organisational decision-making by all healthcare system players including commissioners, providers, regulators, public health and other arms-length bodies. The framework is particularly suited for use by Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) footprints and Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs), and have been designed to support putting value thinking into practice for all individuals holding responsibility for deciding how resources are used.

This page contains all of the documents you need to get started using the BPV Decision Framework in your organisation today:

Explore the BPV Decision Framework

Join the BPV Community

Register for free with the Future-Focused Finance website and join the online group to network with other BPV users and enthusiasts. The group offers a platform and the opportunity to discuss all things BPV with colleagues around the country, or to set up local networks and meet up in person.
The BPV Community isn’t limited to finance colleagues – all individuals holding responsibility for deciding how resources are used (front line or back office) can benefit from learning more about putting value thinking into practice. If you’re already a Value Maker or a Finance and Clinical Educator (FACE), then this is a great place to come to learn more about the BPV action area and to create some overlap between communities.
From 15 September 2017 we’ll be providing fortnightly BPV-related activities to get you started, so join now to introduce yourself and get to know others.

Browse the BPV Community Charter for more information and join the online group:

Join the BPV Community


Become a BPV Specialist

A BPV Specialist is a unique role for volunteers working in healthcare decision-making. They are familiar with the BPV Decision Framework and able to apply the process in practice in their own organisation, and are able and willing to support other organisations in their patch in running their own decision using the framework.

Anyone working in healthcare who has the enthusiasm and motivation to drive more effective decision-making and better value can become a BPV Specialist

If you are an engaged and motivated individual with a passion and enthusiasm for improving value-based decision-making in the NHS then find out more about self-certifying as a BPV Specialist:

Become a BPV Specialist

Apply to be a demonstration site

One of the best ways to learn how to apply the BPV Decision Framework is via a ‘see one, do one, teach one’ approach. Organisations and local health economies are currently taking place in our national demonstration exercise. Sites are running their first decision using the new process with onsite support from a provided trainer who acts as workshop leader and facilitator.

Anyone who has attended workshops and applied the framework in practice will then be equipped with the knowledge and experience to keep applying the process to decisions thereafter, and potentially self-certify as a BPV Specialist.

We’re currently taking applications from organisations or local health economies interested in applying the BPV Decision Framework locally. We are able to offer you the support of a onsite trainer for up to five days to help you run your first decision using the framework.
Get in touch via futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net to discuss becoming a demonstration site.

Seeking a clinical champion
One of the aims of our programme is for finance and clinical colleagues to be the joint leaders of placing best value for service users at the heart of the way we do business. Best Possible Value works alongside the Close Partnering action area to promote and champion our approach to modelling value and making effective decisions.

We’d love to get a clinical champion on board alongside our finance champions, to lead and promote the Best Possible Value work stream. If you’re a clinical leader who is passionate about investing in services which give the best possible value for patients and the public then we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch via futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net to discuss becoming our clinical leader for the action area.

Contact us

If you’re already using any elements of the framework then please get in touch or share your learning with the community.
We’re looking forwards to working with you in whatever capacity you’d like to be involved in the action area. If you’ve any questions or comments please get in touch.

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