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Newsletter #4

November 2018

In partnership with HCSA

Welcome to our November newsletter!

Some big announcements this month… starting with our corporate partnership with HCSA. We plan to work with HCSA and NHS trusts to improve and enhance the analytical capability of trust teams and provide market insight to our members.


HCSA is excited to announce our corporate partnership with AdviseInc, which will build on the importance of data in our organisations and bring to life the true benefits of using analytics to transform services and plans in a focused way!

Alan Hoskins
Chief Officer, Health Care Supply Association



We’ll be at the HCSA Conference later this month to deliver our workshop on Driving Efficiency Through Data (on day 2). We’ll also be helping with any data issues, questions and best practice tips. Just visit the HCSA stand and register your interest for a 12-minute slot with one of the team, or let us know by reply and we’ll get you booked in.

We’ve also been busy delivering PPIB training across the country. The latest session was with a fun group in Leeds, where games were played and Haribo was in full flow. There was a bit of work involved too.

In addition, Dan Legg (Clinical Engagement Lead) has identified more switching opportunities for Procurement Dashboard (PD) customers. Keep reading below for more details.

If you have any other questions, do get in contact.

Co-founder, AdviseInc

Product Switch – Energy Devices

£4.3m opportunity for PD customers

Earlier this year, we launched Product Switch (in PD), which highlighted potential switching opportunities within the woundcare market.

More recently, we’ve been working with industry to add new categories to Product Switch, including laparoscopic energy devices.

If your trust currently uses advanced bipolar or ultrasonic dissection devices you’re likely paying 32%* more than new entrants/alternatives to the market.

If you’d like to know more about the opportunities for your specific trust, just contact our support desk and we’ll let you know in due course.

* avg. we’ve run the data across all PD members. This insight is for PD customers only

NHSI PPIB training update

Halfway through and great feedback

We’ve enjoyed meeting all kinds of people from all over the country, as we’re now halfway through our onsite NHS Improvement PPIB training.

We’ve already agreed with NHSI to schedule more sessions over the coming months, especially with PPIB becoming a core tool for procurement folk across the NHS.

Watch this space for more details soon.


Hints & Tips

Free text requisitions – capture those MPCs

Some procurement systems don’t allow you to enter an MPC (Manufacturers Product Code) when converting a free text / off-catalogue requisition into an order. This means we struggle to benchmark your products.

But there’s an easy solution; just make sure the MPC is the first word in the PO line description.

For example, if a requisition line reads ‘Energy Device from JnJ HARH36‘ simply copy the MPC to the front of the description so the order line now reads ‘HARH36 Energy Device from JnJ HARH36‘.

We’re then able to easily pull out the MPC and provide you with a benchmark.


Customer Success

The #1 trust in last month’s Procurement League Table share their thoughts on all things benchmarking

Simon Walsh is recognised as one of the leading Procurement Directors in the healthcare system and manages the non-pay spend for one of the largest trusts in the country.

He recently shared his team’s work with us, which revealed how they saved over £400k on unit price reduction alone.

” PPIB and PD are now core tools used in our procurement team across MFT. Decisions are now data led and the transparency both tools provide ensure we deliver value for money. We’ve already saved over £400k using PPIB alone and continue to work with colleagues across the trust, GM and AdviseInc to further deliver better value for the NHS “

Simon Walsh
Group Procurement Director


If you’d like to find out how we can help you #MakeSense of your data, please contact the team.



AdviseInc helps the healthcare system #makesense of non-pay spend and market analytics. We work with Buyer and Supplier to drive greater efficiency for the healthcare system and taxpayers.

Don’t forget to access PB (inc. PPIB), PD and other apps, please visit our Analytics site https://analyse.adviseinc.co.uk/.

For all support, please visit our Support Desk



PB / PPIB training
(Price Benchmarking)
13th December, 2-3pm

PD training
(Procurement Dashboard)
20th November, 2-3pm

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