Gore exhibiting virtually at HCSA Reunite 2020

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Gore has been exhibiting at the HCSA virtual conference. Registered delegates can revisit the event´s platform with the exhibition stand and an interesting on-demand presentation.

At our booth you can see videos presenting our promise of Together, improving life as well as our Brand Anthem. Get some insight with PDF-documents about our values beyond product as well as about Enterprise backgrounds.

The on-demand presentation is still online:

Richard Evans, Health Economics and Value Strategy spoke about

Value Assessment in Healthcare Procurement (day two, Nov 18th)

There is a myriad of medical products and services available to purchase. What should be considered when assessing and purchasing to ensure best patient outcomes and value for NHS stakeholders? Gore & Associates work in many industry categories and will provide a couple of interesting examples along with some proposals.

“We all know value is measured differently by different stakeholders. And in the NHS, there are a lot of stakeholders. We are all here first for the health and quality of life for the patients so they should be the first priority in product or service selection. Professor Michael Porter says Health Outcomes for patients divided by the cost of delivering that service is Value. I agree. But I also believe that products and services touch lives of many other stakeholders, such as physicians, health and care workers, procurement specialists, business managers, payers and society as a whole and the quality of service provided to them, including non-clinical factors should be accounted for as well.

We understand there are very many products and services required to run the NHS. You all know better than I the challenges of comparing and selecting products. They are not all the same. There is definitely not one size fits all. Very different levels of evidence, a CE mark for safety is the starting point, but then there are different indications for the same category of product. There are different product designs for ease of use or repositioning that can seriously affect patient outcomes. Different materials or amounts of material within a device can cause inflammation or be more or less durable leading to costly reinterventions. Clinical trial data from an RCT which is challenging to run if at all possible for many medical devices, a multicentre registry, a single centre case study or expert opinion can be interpreted differently or not directly compared and have differing credibility. Health Economic modelling and peer reviewed publications are becoming common place and identify the costs within the treatment pathway over time to demonstrate value. Patient focus and durable outcomes really need long term through life cost data beyond the transaction price. It can seem like a mine field, but one thing is for certain, measurement and data are key. If you just buy because it is the lowest price it could cost much more and provide lower quality of life for the patient and use more hospital or NHS resources.” Richard Evans, Health Economics and Value Strategy at Gore.


See the on-demand presentation at: