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Yesterday’s headlines were once again disappointing for the many dedicated staff who work in the NHS Procurement family.

Price variation where it is unreasonable or unjustified is something HCSA members ameliorate on a daily basis through the dedication of skilled professional resources.

We have actively supported price transparency and comparative tools such as PPIB-campaigning that this be funded ‘once only on a national scale.’ We are investing in partnership with the DH and Home Countries in talent development through both our own courses and the Procurement Skills Development Networks (PSD).

HCSA members are delivering substantial savings and non-pay efficiency whilst ensuring that vital goods/services flow effectively. The HCSA is very proud of the work its members are doing across the UK and we know this is valued by the NHS. There is much to be done but NHS Procurement is a core part of the solution to ensuring resources go further-lets celebrate and support it. Our forthcoming Conference with a ‘Stronger Together’ theme exemplifies our ambition.


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