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In partnership between the HCSA and Jules Wyman

How to leave work at work.

With so many changes and demand on time increasing how do we leave our work at work and give our attention to life outside of the professional world?

This video provides a three step process for you to apply so you can maintain the boundaries you need for wellbeing both outside and inside the working world.


Dealing with stress

Demands on time. Pressures from above and requests from family can be stressful.

This video focuses on three areas where you can simply make change and reduce stress in 5 minutes or less a day.


How to balance family and work.

Working at home over the past 12 months, has created blurred lines for many in relation to work and family.

Who and what takes priority when requests are frequent from both sides. How do you balance both?

In this video we look at the applying the triple A process to home and work, giving a way to create even more equilibrium in daily life.




Jules Wyman is a coach and speaker who loves to shatter the illusions around confidence and help people face the challenges of life.

Her talks and coaching have been described as insightful, empowering, refreshingly raw, authentic and grounded. Jules is known for speaking with genuine self-belief and honesty.

“All humans face the rich tapestry and curve balls of life. Walking alongside them during these times is a privilege.”

It was a significant curve ball in Jules’ life that introduced her to coaching and in 2005 ignited her business, Positive Belief.

Fifteen years later she is even more passionate about humans and their true potential. During these uncertain times, Jules loves the opportunity to clarify how to access authentic confidence, face fear, experience peace and face life with ease.

She enjoys working with a variety of clients from students to CEO’s, in the private, public and voluntary sectors.