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In today’s procurement job market, employers are looking for a new type of procurement professional. Whereas in the past sought after competencies have been cost-cutting or sourcing, in today’s market they are looking for “strategic” professionals. These strategic professionals are the type of employee who can drive the business towards its goals via the procurement function.

In essence, they want procurement professionals to now take new approach and take on more responsibility in the running of the business. Rather than simply sourcing and saving, they want staff who can build relationships and come up with innovative solutions to the company’s needs that maybe previously weren’t considered to be in procurement’s jurisdiction.

The 6 competencies that are getting procurement professionals snapped up by employers are:

  • Functional expert – understands products and processes.
  • Influencer – great at relationship building and managing, as well as negotiation.
  • Results seeker – driven by goals and deadlines.
  • Innovator – always thinking ahead, anticipating change and reacting to this.
  • Adaptor – handles pressure and criticism well, stays calm and collected.
  • Complier – follows protocol and encourages others to follow suit.

The problem employers are finding however is that strategic procurement professionals who excel at all 6 of these competencies are few and far between. Most are already snapped up and those that aren’t are hard to come by.

So how do we overcome this issue?

If you are a procurement professional either in a position and looking to move onwards and/or upwards, then it’s advisable you start to look at how you can develop your own skills in these areas. This can be done through training and qualifications, on-the-job support from your employer or self-development.

As an employer looking to build a more strategic procurement team, you may always want to look at how you can encourage your existing staff to develop in these areas. Offering support and development opportunities, as well as rewarding those who show potential and enthusiasm for their own personal growth will help to shape a more strategic procurement team.

Professional qualifications offered by The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply can be a great way to develop skills that will help you or your staff to become more strategic in your approach to the procurement function. For more information on the courses available, please visit our website. If you would like to discuss which course may be best for your situation, please feel free to call our office on (0)1865 404900 or email cipsenquiries@oxfordpeg.com.