Leveraging the value of innovation & disruptive technology in healthcare

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Leveraging the value of innovation and disruptive technology in healthcare

The term ‘disruptive’ often has negative connotations, but when it comes to innovative technology in healthcare, it is overwhelmingly positive. Initiatives such as Scan4Safety (using barcode technology to identify patients and products) are helping improve patient safety and Near Patient Testing (or Point of Care Testing) technologies are helping deliver care quicker and closer to patient homes.

While there is little doubt the British health and social care system will see considerable operational and clinical gains from the implementation of much needed emerging innovation, it still has a long way to go to be considered a leading user of technology and to reap the benefits it can provide.

In this article, we look at some of the ways in which health and social care organisations can make incremental leaps in efficiency with the latest technological innovations, some of which are available today, and some of which are close on the horizon.

The role of technology in integrating health and social care

UK hospitals are now seeing unprecedented demand for beds.

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