National Procurement Workforce Collection Exercise 2019 – Please Support

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The online procurement workforce profile collection exercise for 2019 is now open and ready for you to access to input the data for your organisation.  As per last year’s exercise, it is much smaller than previous years as we have removed any data that has already been collected from other sources.  We have also moved the timing of the collection exercise so that it does not coincide with the annual NHSE&I Corporate Review.

PLEASE NOTE – THE DATA YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER FOR YOUR ORGANISATION IS AS AT 31st December 2019 – the deadline for completing this return is 28th february 2020

The information you enter provides us with vital intelligence about the make-up and qualifications of local procurement departments, helping to inform local development programmes.  It is also important to understand the size and make-up of the procurement function at a national level and to track changes over the years as policies and structures change.

To create your report

The on-line census does not sit on the main Skills Development website, it is in a secure area – the reason why we need you logged in is so we know who you are when you click on the link below and we can identify who has input the information in case we have any queries with you data.

  1.  Make sure you are registered / logged into
  2. Click on this link –
  3. Select your organisation from the drop down list
  4. Inform us if you are doing a joint return so we know not to chase organisations whose figures have been included elsewhere
  5. Click on ‘Create Report’ and this will take you through to a guidance page.  At the bottom of each page there is a ‘Save and Continue’ button to push which will move you onto the next stage.  Most of the information validates as you go through so make sure you complete all the data for each page before trying to continue – you have to complete the data in the order it is set out in – it is not possible to skip pages.

To access your unfinished report / edit your data:

  1. Make sure you are registered / logged into
  2. Click on this link –
  3. Select your organisation from the drop down list
  4. Click ‘Edit Report’

Please see attached a copy of a blank printable version of the forms so you can get an idea of the information we are looking for and will hopefully assist you with gathering your information.  You will still have to go on-line to enter the information.

 If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact me.

If your question(s) is relating specifically to completing the on-line form, either use the ‘help’ facility available on each of the pages on-line or contact Hazel Swingler direct on  If you are contacting Hazel directly, please make sure you indicate in the email which organisation your query is relating to and provide a contact telephone number so Hazel can contact you.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Jacky Bowman

North West Finance & Procurement Skills Development Manager