New Year, New NHS (procurement) landscape…

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Newsletter #6

January 2019

More improvements planned for 2019…

Brexit, Category Towers, SCCL, Local Target Operating Model, Logistics Partners… It’s all change for 2019!

At AdviseInc, it’s all about how we can reduce the analytics burden on your teams and support you to deliver your plans. So how can we help you best?

We’ve got lots of things planned in 2019 to help you, including:

  • Price Benchmarking (PB) v3 in development. Building on v2, released last October, we’re already planning the next version with significant improvements planned for data quality and greater insight. Let us know your thoughts on what you’d like to see in the next version.
  • NHSSC Buy Price / Sell Price Analysis. Analysis completed for all DAaaS (Data Analytics as a Service) Customers, highlighting margin savings and opportunities to shift direct spend through NHSSC where it’s a lower unit cost. Average trust savings are over £100k shifting direct supply to NHSSC. Plus we save you weeks of local analytical time by getting you 95% of the way there in minutes.
  • More categories coming to Procurement Dashboard (PD). We plan to release more categorisation in PD, giving you in effect an ‘eClass 4’, and we’re adding product switching opportunities on a monthly basis.
  • Brexit analysis available to PD / DAaaS customers. We’ve now mapped all national suppliers into your data, so if you’d like to understand the balance of suppliers that you need to manage locally let us know.
  • More trusts / STPs see the benefits of DAaaS (Data Analytics as a Service) is now being used in more NHS trusts/STPs. Users are seeing the additional benefit DAaaS can deliver though more detailed cleansing and categorisation, target pricing and product/clinical expertise. Providing you with everything you need to go out and get better value, both locally and regionally. To find our more contact us.<

In more general news:

  • Call to action. Can all Trusts please continue to validate their PB / PD data with us. The more accurate you get it, the better for everyone. If you spot data that’s in error please do let us know.
  • We’ve surpassed 70 Trusts signed up to PD. We’re now over 70 PD users signed up to use the service. If you’re interested in finding out how PD could help your trust / region let us know.
  • More face to face training planned with NHSI to take place over the coming weeks / months for PPIB users. Those who attended last time got a lot out of the training sessions so we’ve agreed to deliver more within your current fees and at no extra cost. To find out more or to register for one of the February sessions, please contact We’ve got dates planned on the 6th Feb in Manchester and 13th Feb in London.
  • Bunzl no longer plan to share data. We shared Bunzl’s plans to be transparent with data (like NHSSC are) last month, but unfortunately, their board rejected the proposal. It means a lot of Bunzl data still sits outside of PB, meaning benchmarking is difficult if you use Bunzl. If you have any local mapping that maps your Bunzl data back to OEM let us know.<> We can build it into our processes and increase the amount of spend that we can benchmark for you.

We’ve got a packed agenda for 2019 as you can see. We’ll continue to add more value to NHS spend data/insight and support all parties involved with delivering greater value for the NHS.

If you have any ideas of how we can help you more or questions, do get in contact<>.



Co-founder, AdviseInc



The need for speed

A few customers have experienced a slower service than normal. Here’s what we’re doing about it…

We know some trusts have experienced speed issues behind the scenes and degradation of service. We’re busy behind the scenes moving to a state of the art infrastructure that will form the backbone to improved speed, greater resilience of service and the platform for future growth, including international and supplier analytics.

We currently plough all of our profits back into the business, to ensure we continue to provide the best service for you, our customers.

If you have any queries, just contact our support desk<> and we’ll assist you with your queries.

Bitesize training

Price Benchmarking Bitesize Training Videos have arrived…

We’re continually looking to improve our training resources, so for some time we have been developing short, bitesize training guides and videos that you can access at any time!

The following are now available through our Support Desk Solutions page:

(Click on any of the links to be taken straight through to the training resource – you must register to access the material – free to NHS folk)



How to use the Price Benchmarking tool

Price Benchmarking v2 – what’s changed



Understanding Price Check

Comparing opportunities with other trusts

How to find your Top 100, 500 or 1,000 opportunities in PB

Internal Opportunities

How to find trust Contact Details

Category View of Savings in PB

Savings on a Group level in PB

Identifying low confidence items in PB

Identifying savings on a supplier level in PB

We’d love to hear your feedback! If you have any other ideas for future training videos, please email us here.


The BI team continues to expand

Our Business Intelligence team continues to grow as we welcome Ben Thomas to the team

Ben joins us from EDF Energy where he led their Business Intelligence function. He’s already hit the ground running, working on our infrastructure migration and taking a lead on Price Benchmarking development.



Achieving financial and quality outcomes

St. George’s switch surgical glove supplier and save in excess of £100,000

David Main, Associate Director of Procurement at St.George’s, commented to AdviseInc that both PB and PD are now being used extensively across South West London as Kingston, Epsom, Croydon and St.Georges work together to find collaborative procurement opportunities. Visibility of spend and insight is the foundation of this work.

Rupinder Mangat, Head of Procurement Operations, described how the preferred use of Biogel surgical gloves enabled his team to provide theatre staff with a high-quality product while achieving significant cost savings.

“There has always been pressure on revenue savings in the National Health Service. However, the recent Carter report, purchase price index and benchmarking (PPIB), and increased transparency have led to a strong focus on route to market, standardisation, compliance of contracts, accurate pricing data, and reduction in suppliers. This has resulted in greater visibility for procurement than before: trusts are expected to meet national standards for procurement and are ranked nationally on this basis.

St George’s awarded Mölnlycke a contract as the preferred supplier for surgical gloves in September 2017.

“Standardisation is a buzzword in procurement, and the ability to benchmark using AdviseInc’s Price Benchmarking tool has made it easier to evaluate suppliers and challenge them if need be. Historically, clinicians have preferred choice, although this is beginning to change, and there has certainly been no negativity from Trust theatre staff with the transition to Biogel. The decision to use Mölnlycke as the preferred supplier of surgical gloves has decreased the number of suppliers from five to one, reduced the product stock-keeping units from 55 to 34, provided one single supply route, achieved a favourable price due to volume commitment, and received surgical staff buy-in.

The decision has enabled us to achieve overall savings in excess of £100,000.”


Rupinder Mangat

Head of Procurement Operations



Read the full article here.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you #MakeSense<> of your data, please contact the team.



AdviseInc helps the healthcare system #makesense of non-pay spend and market analytics. We work with Buyer and Supplier to drive greater efficiency for the healthcare system and taxpayers.

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PB / PIB training
(Price Benchmarking)
5th February, 11-12am

PD training
(Procurement Dashboard)
6th February, 2-3pm