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Dear Colleagues,

I am the Managing Director of NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) and am writing to you personally to provide reassurance on NHS SBS’s plans in response to COVID-19. I also wish to outline our suggested approach to communicating with you during these challenging times and detail some of the measures we have put in place to ensure the continuity of critical services.

Our focus

Our focus at NHS SBS, at this critical time, is to take care of our employees and support our clients and the wider NHS in ensuring that staff are paid, orders are processed, suppliers are paid and cash moves around the NHS. We are reviewing government advice each day and have invoked company-wide business continuity management to best support our employees and client service delivery.

How we plan to communicate with you

Our approach is to ensure you receive clear, regular and transparent communications in relation to our COVID-19 response. The approach consists of the following which can be adapted to suit your individual preference:

  • Twice weekly corporate updates with links to regularly updated and detailed FAQs
  • Follow up email or call (depending on your preference) from your Client Partnership Executive to highlight key messages and take on board any feedback
  • Continued regular contact from our service and operational teams into your service user teams
  • An open channel for you or your teams to contact your Client Partnership Executive or Service Leads wherever necessary via sbs.nhspartners@nhs.net

Measures we’re taking to ensure continuity of services

We continue to communicate daily with our employees and are implementing hygiene, travel, work and medical advice in line with government guidance across all sites. Some of the measures we have already put in place to protect our employees and ensure continuity of services include:

  • Daily meetings of the NHS SBS Executive Team and Incident Management Teams to monitor the situation and provide guidance aligned to government guidance
  • Enabling home working for the vast majority of our employees
  • Placing a key focus on delivering critical services (including payroll, transactional processing and procurement)
  • Daily briefings for all NHS SBS employees

In line with government guidance, we are now transitioning to a home working model, which means that our capacity to operate all services as normal will be impacted. At this challenging time, we trust you will understand and accept the necessity for us to adapt and re-prioritise certain elements of our service to ensure the continuity of critical services, tasks and processes.

We would of course be happy to discuss any concerns or suggestions you may wish to raise with us and to that end, your Client Partnership Executive will be in touch in the near future.

What remains resolute at NHS SBS is the pride and commitment all our employees have in supporting the NHS to help the country in this challenging time.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Yours sincerely

David Morris
Managing Director
NHS Shared Business Services