NHS SBS: Our transformational strategy

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Our transformational strategy

The direction of travel that we have embarked upon over the last 12-months seems to be being met favourably. The number of new clients and those willing to renew for a further five-years has given us reassurance that our strategy has been the right one.

The national policies and directives set out by NHS England and Department of Health, e.g. Lord Carter’s review and introduction of Sustainability Transformation Plans, has required us all to think and act differently. In recognition of this, our strategic plans respond to these challenges whilst exploiting the opportunities they present, e.g. collaborative working across health and social care, rationalisation of back office services, requirements to use technology and new ways of procuring good and services.

Our strategy primarily focuses on using data to transform our three back office functions – finance and accounting, procurement and employment services – and the products and services we offer to you. By harnessing the opportunities presented by digital technologies to streamline multiple processes into a handful of more agile solutions we are making it easier to run your function. This approach will fundamentally change the way the NHS operates to help realise the significant efficiencies and savings that are required.

It has not been an overnight fix. The shift in direction was prompted when many of you took the opportunity to feedback, via our client facing teams, on what is important to your role and organisation, and suggested how we could enhance some of the products we offer.

This valuable market intelligence resulted in the single biggest investment in our history – £5.9 million – into enhancing some of our products to keep pace with your needs in an ever- changing NHS world, e.g. the introduction of VAT automation, Real-time reporting and GS1 and PEPPOL.

This was just the start – it did not stop there.

The first phase of our journey gave us a strong foundation on which to grow and develop, but we recognised that to create a sustainable future relied upon collaborations and partnerships, both with public and private sector companies, complemented by the adoption of new technologies and digital solutions.

The launch of our eagerly anticipated Amazon-style online marketplaces will fundamentally change how people buy products. ‘The Edge for Health’ uses the technology that powers Tesco’s ‘Click and Collect’ to allow hospital staff to ‘procure to pay’ in one place – it presents millions of pounds’ worth of savings and efficiencies to the NHS. Similarly an online care marketplace, ‘PHBChoices’ will become increasingly essential for commissioners with the NHS planning on
having 100,000 personal health budget holders by 2020.

Automation and robotics features heavily in our future plans, using process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence to manage administrative processes to free up employees to be concentrate on new ways of working that will add the most value to you, e.g. introduction of a new customer service centre using real-time reporting to better manage call handling.

We have, and will continue to, invest heavily in our infrastructure to deliver the step change that is required by the NHS. The efficiencies are being reflected in our pricing model to allow us to continue to be competitive. Our key driver remains delivering a good value, high-quality services to you, our clients.

I am excited about what NHS Shared Business Services can bring to market and I look forward to sharing more in the future.

David Morris
Managing Director
NHS Shared Business Services