NHS Supply Chain and GS1 Standards Adoption

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In light of recent publications stating the critical importance of the healthcare supply chain to enabling patient safety and trust cost and efficiency savings, we would like to re-affirm NHS Supply Chain’s commitment to the adoption of GS1 standards throughout its systems and policies.

Critical to this is working with our suppliers to ensure that all products are identified with Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) which are encoded into GS1 barcodes.

We will also work in partnership with GS1 to ensure our eCommerce systems are fully GS1 approved where applicable. This will give our NHS colleagues the tools to capture every person, every product, and every place when using NHS Supply Chain procured products, and enable the realisation of benefits as evidenced in the Scan4Safety programme, and as called for in the Cumberlege Review.

Source: NHS Supply Chain

Date: 4 August 2020