NHSCFA Engages With Healthcare Procurement Professionals

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HCSA and P4H events provide opportunity to promote NHSCFA’s work on procurement fraud, a key priority for 2019/20.

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) recently attended two healthcare procurement events to help promote their work against procurement fraud, which is to be a key priority area for 2019/20.


The Health Care Supply Association’s (HCSA) summer conference, held on 18 June at Whittlebury Hall near Towcester (Northants), provided an opportunity to engage with an audience of NHS procurement professionals. Considering the national exercise being carried out by the NHSCFA on the prevention of procurement fraud, this was particularly timely. The event fell during the first phase of the exercise, with the NHSCFA asking NHS providers for information on a number of potential risk areas, such as disaggregate spend.

Procurement teams are playing a leading role in gathering much of the information requested in the exercise, which is facilitated and supported by Local Counter Fraud Specialists. Despite the ongoing exercise placing significant demand on time, the NHSCFA representatives at the event reported that they had found the event to be valuable in strengthening compliance with procurement rules and reducing the risk of fraud.


Two weeks later, NHSCFA attended the annual Procurement for Health (P4H) conference at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The event is one of the biggest procurement conferences in the country, with delegates and exhibitors coming from a range of different organisations and companies. Health Online was the official media partner for this event.

Senior Fraud Prevention Officer and procurement fraud lead, Oliver Stopnitzky, delivered a 20-minute presentation where he explained the work of the NHSCFA, and more specifically the work of the Fraud Prevention Unit around procurement fraud. The session, titled ‘Procurement Fraud in the NHS’, demonstrated to delegates the risk areas that exist within procurement, and what can be done to mitigate those risks.

For NHSCFA, this was another excellent opportunity to engage with NHS procurement teams. Representatives also conducted a survey to gauge the knowledge of those attending about procurement fraud in the NHS, the results of which will provide a better understanding of what fraud awareness levels there are within the procurement sector, helping to ensure NHSCFA can communicate effectively.

Mr Stopnitzky had this to say about both conferences:

“The conferences were great opportunities for us to engage with the procurement sector and to discuss the national procurement exercise and counter fraud measures that organisations can adopt to mitigate the risks of fraud. Attending these events gives us a chance to speak to those on the ground, those who use our guidance, and enables us to understand how the national exercise is impacting their respective organisations.”

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Source: Health Online

Author:  Alastair Roberts