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Multiple improvements to the #1 Health Product Price Benchmarking Tool

Product Price Benchmarking v3 goes live today across all of our customers.  Building on the success of the previous versions, v3 does more with your data behind the scenes.

We’ve taken customer feedback & implemented the top requested features. Many are ‘under-the-hood’ as general feedback was don’t change the simplicity of the front end or the upload process as its simple to use/secure/quick.

We couldn’t squeeze everything into this release, so v3.01 is not far behind this one.

To learn more about the changes join us for one of our 30 minutes ‘what’s changed sessions’ Register here

Top 5 improvements include:

#1 – MPCs extracted from line descriptions
Algorithms now extract MPCs (Product Codes) from your free-text orders wherever they reside.

The result… 300,000 more lines benchmarked. For non-acutes, up to 100% more spend in the tool and another £150m of benchmarked spend.

#2 – Cleaner MPCs
We’ve started cleaning MPCs and our new learning engine is sweeping through MPCs as you read this. It learns as it goes and will get better with time.

The result… Easier to get your arms around spend and reduced variation.

#3 – Category Tower mapping is here!
We’ve mapped eClass to tower. The most thorough and accurate mapping available.

The result… See pricing opportunities by Tower, Sub-Tower and Provider. Quite an eye-opener!

#4 – CIP/Saving plans are now visible to all
Courtesy of many trusts sharing their work-plans and some great work by Clare Wiggins at NHSI, we can now share your plans. All mapped to eClass courtesy of NHSI.

The result… Collaborate the most effective way possible – local trusts working together and delivering change!

#5 – More products visible 
We’ve removed some of the limitations on a number of the tables.

The result… A 100% increase in the number of products visible.

Plus many more minor tweaks!

We continue to invest & build on the only UK-wide health service product Price Benchmarking Service.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. The next iteration is already in final build (v3.01) with more improvements to come!

Plus, we have our ‘next generation‘ analytics platform launching this summer.


NHSI has already had a sneak-peak through their EU Exit application we created for the central team to quickly identify trusts affected by potential lack of supply in the event of no deal. Feedback from everyone was fantastic, stating how much quicker the tool is and even easier to use across devices.

Plus, there are some really useful features coming late summer with Artificial Intelligence and Robots that help understand what it is you’re looking for and not only create your analytics on the fly with a ‘google-like’ search but can also predict future demand/spend.

… and don’t get me started on the Alexa integration I’ve seen – very exciting times!

At AdviseInc we continue to marry the best in technology and analytics, with experts in their fields, and provide great service and fantastic value!  Helping you #makesense of your spend data.

Do get in contact with your feedback once you’ve had a play, or if you’d like more support, have ideas you’d like to share about our tools, or simply want to get more involved.


CEO & Co-founder




AdviseInc helps the healthcare system #makesense of non-pay spend and market analytics. We work with Buyer and Supplier to drive greater efficiency for the healthcare system and taxpayers.

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