Publication of new Procurement League Table

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Dear colleague,

In November 2017 NHS Improvement published the first procurement league table based on data for the financial year 16/17. This included 5 metrics focused on PPIB price opportunities and usage.

Over the last year we have been working closely with a cohort of volunteer trusts to develop a new League table based on a combination of the initial 5 metrics, Carter metrics and NHS Procurement & Commercial Standards.

This combination of metrics provides an overview of the overall performance of a trust’s procurement function and its ability to influence change.

We are intending to publish the new league table in the next 6 weeks. This league table will be based on 17/18 data, including PPIB, Carter metrics end of year accounts. Outcomes of the metrics recorded may be subject to a full audit to ensure submission accuracy and consistency. Heads of Procurement will see the league table prior to the wider publication. The league table will be published more frequently to indicate the new league position of trusts based on updates to the metrics, and to demonstrate incremental improvement across all trusts.

The league table will be included in the Model Hospital to support the overall trust review of both performance and efficiency. If you do not currently have access to the Model Hospital please register at

Any questions on the league table metrics should be raised with your Regional Head of Procurement.

Kind regards
Preeya Bailie

Preeya Bailie | Chief Procurement Officer Procurement programme – Operational Productivity