Richard Whiteside Celebrates NHS 70th with Us

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In honour of the NHS in its 70th year we are celebrating our wonderful staff.

Richard Whiteside, Assistant Director of Procurement at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, tells us what he enjoys most about his role “I genuinely enjoy saving money for the NHS – which can then be re-invested in the treatment and care of the ever increasing number of patients. I have seen both sides of the NHS at close quarters and know the real difference that Procurement can really make.”

Richard’s current role is to lead a small team at Mid Essex Hospital, as they move towards a proposed merger in April 2019 with their STP partners, Basildon and Southend. He says he first joined the NHS as a Project Buyer, with the then Eastern NHS Supply Confederation (now the East of England Procurement Hub). He describes the NHS in one word as “Busy!”

So why choose to work within the NHS, which he has done since 2004? Richard says “Having worked in the private sector for 18 years I moved across to the Public Sector, initially with a Local Authority before moving to the NHS. A brief return to the Local Authority scene made me realise how much more interesting the work is in the NHS (my apologies to any former colleagues!!)”

We asked him what his favourite memory of his NHS career was “I can’t pinpoint one precise memory as over the 10 years I’ve worked in the NHS there have been so many. I have met some great people and many of those – from my early days – are now my closest professional colleagues and people that I know I can call on for advice or support.”

When we asked what advice Richard would give to someone who was thinking of working for the NHS he pauses before recounting to us what a retired HOP who started in the 70s said were his boss’s first words to him, “ He had said, “Look – we are going through a period of change at the moment, but don’t worry, it should settle down in a few years’ time”.

Needless to say it never did ‘settle down’ and we now have to accept – We are always in a period of change, and just embrace it!!

Thank you Richard!