Sarah Holliehead Celebrates NHS 70th with Us

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In honour of the NHS in its 70th year we are celebrating our wonderful staff.

Sarah Holliehead, Head of Procurement, tells us what she enjoys most about her role – “Working with a fantastic, supportive network of national colleagues who are all really passionate about procurement and the differences we can make to the patient. I also love the fact that no day is the same and my work is so varied – there is never time to get bored!”

Sarah’s role is to lead a 12 strong Team and support a £280m Mental Health and Community Trust, a far cry from her start in the working world as a promotor of pre-packed sandwiches (“I spent far too long talking about the size of a flange on a sandwich skillet”). She describes the NHS in one word – “Amazing”

So why choose to work within the NHS, which she has done since 2007? Sarah said: “I think it chose me! I fell into the NHS after taking on some interim work whilst I saved some money to go travelling. Let’s just say, I was hooked, and the travelling fell from my agenda. I haven’t once regretted that decision as I have found my vocation!”

We asked Sarah what her favourite memory of her NHS career is “My first line manager in the NHS was a Chief Executive and he was an inspiration to me – I will never forget him. Seeing him at the 2017 HCSA Annual Conference in his retirement was a very sweet moment. He is the reason I am where I am today” Sarah would actively encourage anyone to consider working for the NHS – “yes it can be frustrating, no it doesn’t always get it right, but my goodness – it is one hell of a rewarding place to work when you see the difference you can make in the role that you have”

Thank you Sarah! #NHS70