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Staying on top of your catalogue just got a lot easier

Managing catalogues can be a real pain. Suppliers changing their product codes, procurement colleagues agree to new deals and NHS Supply Chain change prices to name but a few challenges.  It’s thousands of lines of data and getting any one line wrong can cost your trust a lot of money. With thousands of lines, it’s not a question of if, but when and how often you lose money. Add to that the complexity of working across an ICS and it feels like a daunting task.

But for those that know (hopefully everyone reading this), your catalogue is one of your greatest assets. Do it right and it enables so many things. The purchase to pay cycle is smoother, it reduces errors, makes your end users’ and your suppliers’ lives easier and feeds many other systems with rich data, from Inventory Management through to our Spend Analytics.

So we’ve developed a solution to remove most of the pain and help you focus on what’s important.  We call it Catalogue Check.

We’ve developed Catalogue Check with a number of ICS teams and is catalogue-provider agnostic, i.e. will work with all major catalogue providers. Because we’re already delivering ICS level analytics, we have the data we need to check your catalogues. Meaning you don’t need to do all the manual checks you used to when updating your catalogue.

“What took my team over an hour to identify, document and liaise with other people in my team to fix errors, now takes place in seconds across all our catalogue lines. It means our team now focus on adding value and have dropped most of the admin and excel with vlookups. Copy and paste is a thing of the past. It’s also a lot more accurate than when the team did it, thanks to AdviseInc’s data cleansing and normalising processes. The app makes a massive difference and saves us money.”

We take a daily catalogue feed of your catalogue and compare it to purchase order and inventory management data. We highlight price discrepancies and items set to expire in 1,3,6 months. We can see products that are not on the catalogue that should be and lines that are on the catalogue that have never been bought, or not bought recently.  In addition, you can assign responsibility to your team, so suppliers/catalogues can be assigned to your team members and their activity tracked.

Catalogue Check puts you back in control of your catalogue and stops money from being wasted on incorrect pricing/products! Contact us to find out more.


What you think matters – let us know
We’re working with Difrent, the Digital Service Delivery Specialists to support elements of our future platform development. Difrent specialises in Digital and Healthcare.

As part of their work, they’ve created a brief survey that we’d love you to complete.

Everyone that completes the survey and leaves their email address will be entered into a prize draw, with the winner (pulled from a virtual hat) receiving a £100 Amazon gift voucher. The survey should take approx.10 mins to complete and the deadline is Friday 10th Sept.

Everything we do is based on your input, so thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and experience.


Control Tower Takes Shape

As ICS’ gain momentum it feels like there’s an even larger to-do list for procurement.  For a Head of Procurement in charge of an ICS, the biggest worry we hear is feeling like you’re not in control.  What was once a difficult job in a single hospital/trust has just become even more so across a region.

Control Tower is being developed with ICS leads to put you in control.  Building on years of experience with data, the NHS, and procurement, we’re building our Control Tower solution to put all the relevant information you need at your fingertips.

Control Tower will provide you with all the insights you need to be in control of and manage your region, from the more basic pricing, spend insights, to catalogues and stock on shelves, all the metrics and KPIs in one place.

Contact us to find out more


In Brief

Identifying £ millions of missing HCTED Spend
Struggling with FRP returns to NHS England for your HCTED devices? Our PD+ customers now receive bespoke reports highlighting discrepancies, resulting in hundreds of thousands of missed claims. As one Head of Procurement said, PD+ has just paid for itself for years in a single instance. Contact us to understand the potential impact for your trust.

P4H – The Power of Data
Come join us on Stand #68 at P4H at Birmingham NEC on 15th Sept.  Mat is on-stage in the Tech and Innovation Arena at 10:05 to share customer stories where data & insight is delivering value across the procurement function. Plus, come and grab a much sought-after #OrangeNotePad.

A warm welcome to new customers
We’ve been busy onboarding new customers from across the country this past month and we’re glad to see all are now live and using our applications. As ICS’ come together, more trusts are engaging to see our ICS analytics and support the development of Control Tower.  PD+ users continue to use our services for all sorts of analysis from NetZero analysis through to HCTED, as above. Contact us to find out more about PD+.


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