Workshop Invitation: Future Public Sector Logistics Consolidation

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The Transport Systems Catapult are currently undertaking a project in conjunction with the Department for Transport at the University Hospital Southampton where we have been working closely with Chris Meayers-Norkett in the supply chain department.

The project is looking at the benefits that can be achieved through the use of a consolidation centre for public sector organisations and we have used the University Hospital Southampton as a case study. The early results from this study have shown some considerable benefits to UHS of using a consolidation centre and have shown that the savings and opportunity costs of using a consolidation centre considerably outweigh the additional operating cost.

We are holding a workshop at the end of February where we will be presenting the work undertaken and the results of the study.


Further Information: How to attend and agenda is available from:


Tom Gadsby

Freight and Logistics Specialist

Mobile: +44 (0)7392311778


Transport Systems Catapult

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