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One system – One ID card – Nationally recognised and approved
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The Academy for Healthcare Science and MIA are delighted to announce that we are working to bring you the Life Science Industry (LSI) National Credentialing Register powered by MIA, from 30th July.

The LSI National Credentialing Register is the culmination of extensive work between the major healthcare trade associations (ABHI; ABPI; AXREM; BAREMA; BDIA; BHTA; BIVDA; MEDILINK UK), NHS England and the Academy for Healthcare Science. Now, working with Medical Industry Ltd, this provides firstly, a not-for-profit registration system that has patient and public safety at its heart and secondly, a potential solution to the issue of multiple providers of credentialing systems which creates confusion and duplication and is costly to the healthcare industry and ultimately, as a consequence, the NHS.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you are already using the MIA appointment system, please continue to use it as you have done – the website and login details remain the same.

What will this mean for cardholders?

  • LSI Register members who currently meet the standards will be transferred automatically to the LSI National Credentialing Register and will receive a new card at renewal. Prior to renewal they will continue to use their existing separate LSI Register ID badge and MIA card.
  • When existing MIA cards expire, we will issue members with new LSI National Credentialing Register cards which grant the same level of access to hospitals which they have always enjoyed via the MIA appointment system.
  • On MIA card renewal, members who currently do not meet the LSI National Credentialing Register standards will be identified by the Register at tier X, which demonstrates they are working towards meeting Register standards. A new card will be issued, and they will have twelve months from the new card’s start date to meet the LSI National Credentialing Register’s tier requirements.
  • Once they have met the standards required for the LSI National Credentialing Register they will be able to easily submit for approval via the website. This may mean checking that all training requirements are up to date.
  • It is up to each individual to decide which tier is relevant for them in their role, and for training managers (or equivalents) to deem what is appropriate by way of product training.
  • Training can be purchased from any accredited supplier or undertaken by your company.

The service continues to be offered free of charge to the NHS and other providers. The joint cost for industry is £60, made up of £30 + VAT for the MIA appointment element and a £30 registration fee (not vatable) for the LSI National Credentialing Register.

If you would like to implement the service in your organisation, or if you have any questions, do please get in touch:

Phone number: 01732 920 900
Email address:
For further information, including a PDF guide:

For any specific queries relating to the Life Science Industry National Credentialing Register, please call the Academy for Healthcare Science team on 01455 244 640.

Kind regards,

The Medical Industry Ltd team

LSI National Credentialing Register
The LSI National Credentialing Register powered by MIA

T: 01732 920 900
W: – for site visits
W: – for online training

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